Podere Santa Felicita Vino IGT Toscana Rosso Sempremai, Italy 2012

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  • Floral, fruity with a hint of spice
  • Sempremai is a synthesis of sempre ("always") and mai ("never"). Ancient and endangered grape variety from Tuscany, Italy, also known as Abrusco. Le Tre Stelle's Agino, an IGT Tocana, is the only 100% Abrostine in production. Twenty Abrusco plants were discovered in their old vineyards and the producer has established a vine adoption scheme to help save the variety. The 2000 census recorded just 6 ha (15 acres) in Italy under the name Abrusco. Abrostine produce deeply coloured, well-structured, slightly spicy wines that are usually blended. This 100% Abrostine wine is literally one of its kind in the market, most wine produced by Abrostine will be used in blending.
  • Steak, duck, pasta alla buttera, aged cheese