About Us

Our mission is to keep every bottle of wine fresh and in perfect condition.

This company was started in the year 2012 by Chris Cheh, when he moved back to Hong Kong.  He started this wine business because he had heard comments that many different red wines taste very similar.  He soon realized it is a fundamental problem of wine logistics and storage. Flavor molecules were very fragile and could be destroyed easily by exposing to unstable temperature and the slightest UV light.  Once these molecules were destroyed, all there was left were the taste of oak (in case the wine went through any type of oak influence), sourness and alcohol. No wonder many red wines taste very much the same. Their unique tastes and styles were already destroyed when the drinkers got them. This destruction process could trace back as far as storing the wines in the basement, which was the best method one could achieve 50 years ago (not anymore), shipping from other continents to Hong Kong, moving the wines out of the container under broad daylight (not to mention it could go up to 35 degrees Celsius in Hong Kong), or storing them in wine cellars that were less than ideal.

As you can see, there are many reasons that a bottle of wine can go bad. In order to solve this, we must minimize the risk of mishandling each bottle of wine.  So we source the bottles directly from the wineries whenever we can, except in cases like Bordeaux wines that could only go through Negociants (and we go through one of the biggest and most trusted Negociant for our Bordeaux collections), arrange shipment from the most trusted industrial leader in this field, storing wines in cellar that is of highest standard in Hong Kong, and use temperature control delivery to send the wines to the hand of our clients.

Try our wines and taste for yourself, only tasting what the wines should be, then you could truly say if you like this wine or not :)